Overreaction or reality: A closer look at 3 Cubs' spring training performances

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Entering week two of spring training, the Chicago Cubs have had quite a few surprise performances through this juncture. How many of those can be deemed an overreaction or a reality remains to be seen at this point, but we certainly have plenty to go off of, given certain players' track records. For the Cubs, those who are overperforming at the moment deserve a long look because anybody that can step up right now and surprise us is paramount to the team's success.

Some of the performances we've seen in spring training are a facade, while others you should expect to see continue flourishing for many reasons. Going down the list of players on the Cubs roster, let's glance over three in particular and decide if their current performances should be deemed an overreaction or a reality, starting with David Bote.

Overreaction or reality: A closer look at 3 Chicago Cubs spring training performances - David Bote

When David Bote recorded his 8th spring training hit, he continued his impressive hot streak, becoming the current hits leader in the Cactus League. Last season, Bote recorded a decent slash of .259/.315/.431 in the 41 games (116 ABs) he appeared in. Previously, however, he had only managed a .200/.285/.353 between 2020 and 2021, suitable for wRC+s of 92 and 66, respectively. Defensively, in his most considerable sample size, Bote recorded a 0.983 FPCT between 2B and 3B, which substantially improved from the 0.948% he recorded in a smaller sample size the year prior.

The idea of Bote tearing it up at the MLB level is something the Cubs would welcome with open arms. His slash of .615/.688/1.842 will fizzle out at some point, but if he can manage at least 110 wRC+, he deserves another shot at the big-league level, assuming someone else is underperforming. His ZiPS aren't the kindest, projecting him for a .222/.297/.354/85 wRC+, but the good thing for the Cubs is they have all of Bote, Christopher Morel, Nelson Velazquez, and Patrick Wisdom, who all still have minor-league options remaining and can be moved around somewhat if needed.

Verdict: Overreaction