MLB standings ordered by home runs: Chicago Cubs near the top

Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins
Chicago Cubs v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

Although a lot of the Chicago Cubs' success has been based on their collective starting pitching ERA of just 3.25, the offense, which boasts a National League-best team batting average of .290, could be another indicator of the Cubs' success. However, one other key stat has the Cubs offense sitting on top of everyone else in the NL in run differential, which is home runs.

Adjusting the MLB standings based on teams who have hit the most homers this year, the Cubs still find themselves near the top of the leaderboard with 28 long balls through 21 games played. In fact, the Cubs have the best team batting average in the NL and have crushed the most home runs in the NL Central. Unfortunately, the overall standings don't reflect the Cubs' success due to a couple of blown saves and suspect managerial decisions. Nevertheless, take a look at the adjusted standings in terms of teams who have hit the most homers:

National League:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 43
San Francisco Giants: 33
Atlanta Braves: 30
Chicago Cubs: 28
Milwaukee Brewers: 27
Pittsburgh Pirates: 27
San Diego Padres: 27
St. Louis Cardinals: 27
New York Mets: 26
Philadelphia Phillies: 26
Arizona Diamondbacks: 21
Miami Marlins: 21
Colorado Rockies: 19
Cincinnati Reds: 15
Washington Nationals: 10

No surprise to see the Dodgers far and away as the best home-friendly team in the NL. Last year, they wound up in 3rd in the NL, but due to power breakouts from Max Muncy and rookie James Outman, who recently torched Cubs pitching, the long-time top-tier Dodgers currently reign supreme in the power department. After that, it's nice to see the Cubs within arm's reach of a top 3 spot in the NL. Let's take a look at the American League as it relates to home runs:

American League:

Tampa Bay Rays: 48
Boston Red Sox: 30
New York Yankees: 30
Los Angeles Angels: 28
Texas Rangers: 27
Baltimore Orioles: 25
Minnesota Twins: 25
Toronto Blue Jays: 25
Chicago White Sox: 23
Houston Astros: 22
Seattle Mariners: 22
Oakland Athletics: 20
Kansas City Royals: 17
Detroit Tigers: 15
Cleveland Guardians: 12

Tampa Bay has blown away expectations this season, backed by both pitching and home runs, with two other AL East teams atop the leaderboard, though behind Tampa Bay by a wide margin. It shows how important the long ball is in today's game. Where the Cubs have batted with an impressively high batting average this season, a few more home runs on the year can further catapult you up the overall standings in a hurry. It will be imperative for the Cubs to add another power bat before long to further sustain their success as the best overall offensive team in the National League.

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