MLB prospects expert predicts Pete Crow-Armstrong will win Rookie of the Year

The young Cubs outfielder could be a fixture in center field at Wrigley for years to come.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Pete Crow-Armstrong got his first taste of big league action late this summer, gaining valuable experience in the heat of a postseason race that came down to the second-to-last day of the season. Now, the young Cubs outfielder has his sights set on the Opening Day job in center field - a gig he hopes he'll hold down for years to come.

Not only do experts think Crow-Armstrong could be in Chicago's Opening Day lineup in March, but at least one - MLB Pipeline's Jonathan Mayo - has the Cubs' #1 ranked prospect as his pick for 2024 NL Rookie of the Year.

"[Crow-Armstrong is] coming off of a 20/30 season in the Minors. We know about his defense. The defense and speed will keep him in the lineup every single day, and he’s going to contribute, and I think he’s going to hit enough for the counting numbers that a lot of people pay attention to [and that] will matter. I think his combination of talent and opportunity made him a solid, albeit, far from slam-dunk pick for me."

Jonathan Mayo,

Like Mayo, I'm not putting any stock whatsoever into Crow-Armstrong's struggles against big league pitching in a very limited sample size last summer and, for what it's worth, he initially struggled following every promotion of his professional career. Then, as he settled in, he made adjustments and the results followed shortly thereafter.

Tools-wise, Pete Crow-Armstrong can impact the game in a lot of ways

The bat isn't what will keep Crow-Armstrong in the lineup or top of mind most days. He's going to do what he needs to do at the plate, but where he's really going to shine is with the glove. This kid has future Gold Glover written all over him. He combines next-level reads and instincts with above-average speed to make seemingly impossible catches look routine on a daily basis.

Here's what MLB Pipeline has to say about his defensive skillset:

"Scouts give top-of-the-scale grades to his center-field skills, as he exhibits tremendous range from gap to gap with his combination of plus speed and precision reads and routes, and he completes the package with solid arm strength."

MLB Pipeline

The last time the Cubs had a Rookie of the Year came back in 2015 with Kris Bryant - and, well, that year wound up being pretty fun. Are we in for the same vibes in Wrigleyville in 2024? Guess we'll see.