MLB All-Star Game could finally be coming back to Wrigley Field soon

The Cubs and Blue Jays are both 'prime candidates' to host the Midsummer Classic in the next 5 years.

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs have not played host to baseball's Midsummer Classic since 1990 - and to say the ballpark and game have changed a lot in that time would be a wild understatement.

Lights at the Friendly Confines were not yet two years old, Greg Maddux was still a young Cubs phenom just getting started in his Hall of Fame career and you could get gas for a dollar a gallon. Given how long it's been since the North Side held the MLB All-Star Game, it's no surprise to hear commissioner Rob Manfred single out Wrigley as a likely site for the event in the not-so-distant future.

"With respect to those two years, I am strongly influenced by two things. One, when did you last have a game? Toronto stacks up pretty well on that variable. I think Chicago is older ... The city being willing to step up on those issues is the other big variable. Our All-Star (events), what’s become most of the week, we need certain facilities and certain kinds of support in terms of security."

Rob Manfred, via The Athletic

Cubs, Wrigley Field ready to take center stage with an All-Star Game

Obviously, Wrigley Field is far more equipped to host such an event than it was prior to the 1060 Project, a complete overhaul of the iconic ballpark and the surrounding area. The modernization of the stadium and the surrounding area makes it a far more enticing option for the league and, given the city's history of hosting large-scale events such as the NFL Draft and last summer's NASCAR race, there's little doubt Chicago has the capabilities to pull this off, as well.

Looking at the next few years, here's where the All-Star Game will take place:

  • 2024 - Globe Life Field (Texas Rangers)
  • 2025 - Truist Park (Atlanta Braves)
  • 2026 - Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies)

Just imagine it: the game's biggest stars taking over the Confines for a night. Or, better yet, picture the sport's biggest power hitters launching balls off the rooftops across the street during the Home Run Derby. Sure, I'm biased as a Cubs fan, but bringing the All-Star Game and its accompanying fanfare to the Windy City feels like a win-win for everyone involved.