Looking back at all the Chicago Cubs' leadoff hitters since 2016

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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5. Kyle Schwarber

The Kyle Schwarber experiment hitting leadoff was generally not successful, and kind of a head-scratcher. In addition to being a home run hitter and RBI machine, which typically hit in the middle of the order, Schwarber is a slow baserunner. He just does not fit the profile of a leadoff man and got on base at a .307 pace in 2017 and 2019 combined which is nothing special. He did crank 24 homers in the 1 hole during that time, but he hits home runs wherever he is in the lineup.

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Even though he has hit leadoff in Philadelphia quite successfully, with Trea Turner now on the Phillies, I would be pretty astonished if they keep the big man there, even though 38 of his home runs came from hitting first last year.