Joe Buck tweets out a video showing a new angle of the Cubs World Series win

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven
World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven / Tim Bradbury/GettyImages

Longtime sports broadcaster Joe Buck, who called the Chicago Cubs World Series victory on Fox, tweeted out a really neat video of the final out in Cleveland. There have been many different videos posted of the Michael Martinez slow roller to Kris Bryant from different angles, but the one tweeted by Buck was very unique.

The video is taken from the pressbox at Progressive Field right behind Buck and John Smoltz just as the final pitch from Mike Montgomery was being tossed. He credited Wyatt Kalb. Since it's a raw video, there is no editing or mic'd audio, just showing how it looked and sounded from the broadcaster's perspective. You can hear Buck's iconic call, "This going to be a tough play. Bryant, the Cubs, win the World Series!" echo through the room sounding more natural.

What is cool is hearing the deafening roar of all the Cubs fans at Progressive Field when the ball hit Anthony Rizzo's glove. It sounded like they were playing at Wrigley Field. It's also noteworthy that you can see the TV broadcast monitor in front of Buck, so you can compare the angle we are seeing in the video to the angle seen on TV by millions of people.

After seven years, it still gives Cubs fans chills seeing videos of the final out. The roar of the crowd and the players mobbing each other at the mound after ending a 108-year drought. All the fans who waited lifetimes, and those who lived full lives and were no longer on this Earth when it happened, it brings back so many emotions and feelings.

Say what you will about Buck, but his call was awesome and he helped make that moment special. He had enthusiasm and emotion behind the call but did not get obnoxious or droll for too long. He summed up the moment and then stopped talking to let it breathe naturally.

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