It has been nearly six years since the Chicago Cubs have won a playoff game

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs
San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs have not been a model of success and fans were reminded of that fact on Monday. A graph by Jomboy Media's Talkin' Baseball Twitter account highlighted the Chicago Cubs failures dating back to 2017.

This unfortunate reality is a testament to how difficult it is to win playoff games. and how much the Cubs roster underperformed after the World Series victory against Cleveland in 2016. That final postseason win was an NLCS game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the only game of the series they won.

However, the most memorable/dramatic moment of the 2017 postseason came in the NLDS against a very good Washington Nationals team (97-65 record). With a one-run lead in the 9th inning in a do-or-die game 5, Cubs closer Wade Davis struck out former MVP Bryce Harper at Nationals Park to send the Cubs to the NLCS.

Despite the last playoff victory coming in 2017, the Cubs were not bad at all that year, or in 2018 for that matter. Those seasons saw the team post 92 and 95 victories during those respective regular seasons. If the Cubs want to break this losing drought anytime soon, they're going to have to actually make it to the playoffs and play much better baseball than what they've been showcasing in 2023 so far. Floating around 10 games below .500 in June is the sign of a trade deadline seller, not a playoff contender.

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