How the Chicago Cubs deadline moves stack up to the other NL Central teams

The Chicago Cubs were able to secure Jeimer Candelario at the trade deadline, but how does the addition stack up to the moves made by the rest of the NL Central.
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4. The Milwaukee Brewers

The ever-competitive Milwaukee Brewers made a few lackluster moves at the deadline and one good one. Let's start with the good move, and it was a move that the Chicago Cubs were heavily rumored and should have made. In a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Brewers acquired former Cub left-handed pitcher Andrew Chafin in exchange for struggling reliever Peter Strzelecki. I'm not sure why the Diamondbacks were shopping Chafin considering they are also buyers but the Brewers snatched him up and he will be a factor in the upcoming playoff race against the Cubs.

Other than the Chafin, the Brewers made moves for former Mets outfielder Mark Cahna and former Pirates first baseman Carlos Santana. Both men have been mediocre (3.0 WAR combined) this season and will need to turn things around in a big way to significantly impact the Brewers' lineup. This wasn't a huge year at the deadline for the Brewers but with Brandon Woodruff coming back soon, they may be able to rely on their stellar starting pitching staff to vie for the division like they always do.

The Brewers also sent struggling infielder Luis Urias to the Red Sox for a pitching prospect named Bradley Blalock. That move will also unlikely move the needle for the Brewers, making this deadline not horrible but at the same time kind of insignificant for Milwaukee.