Handing out Cubs starting rotation midseason report cards

There's been a lot of good, some so-so and a little disaster for Chicago starters.
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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Cubs Midseason Report Card - Jameson Taillon: F

There are bad first impressions and then there's the first impression Jameson Taillon made upon signing a four-year, $68 million contract to join the Chicago Cubs.

If not for a brilliant final start of the first half against his former club in the Bronx, there would be literally no bright spots from his 15 starts. He's been bad at home, bad on the road - and has been absolutely torched by left-handed hitters, to the tune of a 1.003 OPS.

I still can't help but think there's just no way he pitches this poorly over the course of his contract, or even the rest of this season for that matter. His track record has been so consistent that you have to believe he's going to get back to being a stable middle-of-the-rotation presence for this ballclub.

But we're here to give out grades for what we've seen so far. And, so far, we've seen a disastrous signing that ranks among the worst in franchise history. Remember: Edwin Jackson comps are not good things.