Grading the 2021 Cubs trade deadline moves two years later

It's been two years since the Chicago Cubs' front office tore down the World Series winning core. Let's look back at the series of deals that changed the franchise.
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5. The Jake Marisnick trade

It's easy to forget that Jake Marisnick was on the Chicago Cubs because he was traded after four months of his services. Realistically, Marisnick is a replacement-level player that provides good defense but a mediocre bat on a good day. This is why the Padres sent one Single-A pitching prospect named Anderson Espinoza to the Cubs. But Espinoza elected free agency after getting outrighted off the 40-man roster.

Espinoza signed back with the Padres after, meaning the Cubs essentially got next to nothing for this deal. But hey, the Cubs were in a selling-all-assets mode so again I don't blame the front office for this deal or it being a failure.

Padres get: Jake Marisnick

Cubs get: Anderson Espinoza

Grade: D+