Full list of Chicago Cubs pitchers who have won the NL Cy Young award

Justin Steele is in serious consideration for the National League Cy Young award this year. Here is the elite group of Cubs pitchers he would join should he take home the award.
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Fergie Jenkins: 1971

Cubs legend Fergie Jenkins secured the very first Cy Young award in Cubs history in 1971. This was back when relief pitchers were used much less often, and pitchers regularly went the distance.

Even by the standards of the day, Jenkins' 30 complete games in 1971 was still a remarkable accomplishment and one that has only been replicated twice since. Jenkins also led the league in wins (24) games started (39) and innings pitched (325) with a 2.77 ERA.

Jenkins' uniform number was also 31, and it was retired in 2009 alongside Greg Maddux. His other accolades include 3 All-Star appearances, the NL strikeouts leader in 1969, and induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991.

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