5 longtime Chicago Cubs who looked odd in other uniforms

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#1 Ron Santo - Chicago White Sox

Beloved Hall of Fame third baseman Ron Santo has been part of Cubs lore since his debut in 1960. Even over a decade after he passed, he is still as celebrated now as he was when he was alive. In his 14 years as a Cub (1960-1973), he slashed .366/.472/.838 with 337 home runs. Santo won five Gold Gloves and was a nine-time All-Star.

In December of 1973, the Cubs were putting together a deal that would send the 33-year old Santo to the Angels. However, Santo did now want to go out west and desired to stay local, so he used the rights provided to him by the 1972 CBA to veto the trade. Instead, he was dealt to the White Sox in exchange for Steve Stone, Steve Swisher, Ken Frailing, and Jim Kremmel.

Santo donned the white and red South Side uniform for 117 games in 1974. Surely some Cubs fans would journey their way to old Comiskey Park to see their former hero play. He played a mix of third base, second base and DH. The reason he played those multiple positions was because of Bill Melton already being the primary third baseman for the Sox and he was apparently not too fond of being a DH. He struggled at the plate with the Sox, hitting just .221/.293/.299 with five home runs and .591 OPS. That 1974 season with the Sox was his last as an MLB player.

Roughly 94% of Santo's games were in a Cubs uniform, with 6% being in a White Sox uniform.

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