Every Cubs player who could reach free agency this offseason

The Chicago Cubs have a lot of potential free agents possibly on the horizon after the 2023 season
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4. RHP Michael Fulmer: Unrestricted Free Agent

Similar to Boxberger, Michael Fulmer is a reliever that the Cubs need to let go. David Ross may love putting this guy in high-leverage spots, but those innings need to be given to guys like Daniel Palencia or Luke Little next year. Fulmer doesn't have the velocity, the stuff, or the results needed to earn those types of innings, and re-signing him doesn't make much sense with so many other possibilities in the system right now.

5. C Yan Gomes: Club Option

So technically Yan Gomes could reach free agency this year, but the Cubs will undoubtedly pick up his club option which is only worth $6 million. Gomes has been a cornerstone of the Cubs this year and $6 million is a steal for what he brings to the team.

For a 35-year-old catcher, Gomes has actually been pretty good at the plate this year with a .274 batting average and 52 RBI. As the team's primary catcher, a guy like Gomes has been perfect for developing the young pitchers coming up and grooming rookie catcher Miguel Amaya for his inevitable future starting role.

But Gomes' real value comes from his off-the-field role as a leader. As an 11-year veteran, Gomes has seen playoff runs and a World Series championship with the Washington Nationals in 2019. His clubhouse presence has been praised by almost everyone on the team so keeping him around on an extremely team-friendly deal is a no-brainer.