Every Cubs player who could reach free agency this offseason

The Chicago Cubs have a lot of potential free agents possibly on the horizon after the 2023 season
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs
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While this season has been a really fun ride for the Chicago Cubs, there are some very big offseason decisions looming that could heavily impact the shape of the team in 2024 with several players possibly set to reach free agency.

Although not every player on this list will be an unrestricted free agent, there is a good chance their options will not be exorcised. Here is every current Cubs player that could reach free agency in the offseason.

1. Cody Bellinger: Mutual Option

Cody Bellinger technically has a mutual option for next season worth $12 million as a safety net in case he stunk this year. Not only did Bellinger outperform expectations, but he played his way into a significant contract that will likely exceed $250 million. With Scott Boras as his agent and the injury to Shohei Ohtani, I wouldn't be surprised if Bellinger signs the deal with the most guaranteed money this year.

And the Cubs need to be the ones to pay him that money. Bellinger is the best player on the team and if he didn't miss a month of the season, he would definitely be in the MVP conversation. He is a true five-tool player who can hit for power (25 HRs), and contact (.316), with speed (20 SB), a canon arm, and the ability to play the outfield and first base at a gold glove level.

He's exactly the kind of player the Cubs need to build around and they need to pony up the cash to keep him around for years to come.