Cubs Rumors: Chicago eying a potential Juan Soto trade

How much is one of the best young players in baseball worth to a team that desperately wants to turn the corner and return to the playoffs?

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So what does a deal look like? 

Soto was traded from the Nationals along with first baseman Josh Bell for SP MacKenzie Gore, SS C.J. Abrams, OF Robert Hassell III, OF James Wood, SP Jarlin Susana, and 1B Luke Voit. Considering the aforementioned differences along with the fact that the Padres appear incentivized to sell the prospect package from the Cubs would likely include SP Ben Brown, OF Kevin Alcantara, and 1B Matt Mervis as well as a lower-level lottery ticket type. 

As for an extension, that may be tough to nail down. He’s allegedly turned down a 15-year $440 million dollar deal from the Nationals. That deal would have paid him a little over $29 million per year and that’s likely where the problem comes in. However, now that he’s older and a contract of that length would pay him through his age-40 season, he may be more likely to take a deal like that. Let’s say that the Cubs could knock down the years to 13 but up the AAV to $35 million they’d be looking at a 13-year $455 million dollar contract.

Is a player of his caliber worth three top-ten prospects and $455 million dollars with the risk that he walks at the end of this season and the Cubs recoup nothing? Only time will tell, but baseball history tends to show that star players are worth whatever you have to trade for them.

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