Cubs Rumors: Looking at 5 potential landing spots for Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman looks like the likeliest Cubs player to get moved ahead of the MLB trade deadline. Here are 5 potential matches in a Marcus Stroman trade.
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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5 potential partners in a Marcus Stroman trade: #2 - Tampa Bay Rays

Tell me that Marcus Stroman playing for the Rays wouldn't be fun and immediately make you root for that team. After a scorching start to the year, Tampa Bay has come crashing back to earth in dramatic fashion, going 5-14 in July action, seeing the Orioles leapfrog them and jump into first in the AL East.

A proven veteran with postseason experience like Stroman would be a shot in the arm for Tampa Bay. Our friends over at Rays Colored Glasses hit the nail on the head, when pointing out the perfect match between the right-hander and this roster, specifically, its young, athletic infield mix.

Pairing an elite groundball pitcher with a defense like this, again, is a recipe for success. Of all the teams with reported interest in Stroman, this might be the best match, at least on paper. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to see Shane McClanahan and Stroman back-to-back to open a postseason series.