Cubs News: Free agent expectations, Brewers reset, and more

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

The Major League Baseball offseason for the Chicago Cubs and the 28 other teams has moved at a snail's pace as the free agent market sets. The Los Angeles Angels have exclusively been the only team to be active thus far in the offseason as the team signed free-agent starting pitcher Tyler Anderson to a three-year deal worth $39MM and acquired power-hitting outfielder Hunter Renfroe from the Milwaukee Brewers. The Angels are not expected to be swimming in the deep end of free agency this offseason and that could be the reason for their early activity.

Meanwhile, for the Cubs, they are one team that is indeed swimming in the deep end of the free-agent market. The Cubs are actively engaged with each of the top four free-agent first shortstops; expressed interest in two of the top free-agent first basemen on the market; and, have expressed interest in multiple free-agent outfielders and catchers.

To that end, a word of caution for what to expect from the first moves the Cubs make this offseason. Given the Cubs' preference for free-agent contracts, the team is not going to set the market for the free-agent shortstops. That strategy won't prevent the Cubs from landing one of the shortstops but it should end any anticipation of the shortstop signing being the first move that the team makes this offseason. Perhaps, the first decision for the Cubs is deciding between Cody Bellinger or Michael Conforto for their outfielder need. That move could signal what the direction is for the rest of their offseason as a Bellinger signing likely would indicate that the Cubs can get one of the shortstops as their move to address their offensive need.

It's very likely that an under-the-radar signing will be the first move of the Cubs' offseason and we took a look at three free agents that could fit that bill.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have expressed interest in Milwaukee Brewers' shortstop Willy Adames. Given the change at the top of their front office and the recent Renfroe trade, there has been this expectation that while not rebuilding, the Brewers may be in reset mode. If that is the case, it is more reason for the Cubs to be active this offseason in their quest to return to contention in 2023.

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Expect an uptick in rumors this week as the Winter Meetings begin one week from Monday. The Winter Meetings should represent the first signal of momentum for the name at the top of the free agent list.