Cubs Holiday Wish List: 3 must-dos for the team before spring

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3 Cubs holiday wishes: #1 - Explore the trade market

It's been awfully quiet when it comes to the trade market this offseason. Now that the top-shelf free agents are off the board, maybe we'll see more movement on this front. Armed with a ton of pitching depth and a revamped farm system, Jed Hoyer could have another avenue at his disposal to add to his roster.

As Boston seemingly burns to the ground over Chaim Bloom's direction for the storied franchise, the future of third baseman Rafael Devers seems more uncertain than ever. The last thing Red Sox Nation wants is for the front office to lose another superstar presence (as if Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts weren't enough), it might be the only path forward for the team.

Devers isn't the only left-handed power bat out there on the block, either. Longtime Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds has requested a trade and could be a nice fit for Chicago, coming off back-to-back 24+ homer seasons with two years of control remaining.

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The only untouchable in the system at this point is Pete Crow-Armstrong. This should give Hoyer plenty of options when trying to put a package together - because an impact left-handed bat could really put this team over the top and give it a chance at returning to the postseason in 2023.