Cubs fans will love and hate these St. Louis Cardinals rumors

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Over the recent months, it's been more and more speculated that the Chicago Cubs will be looking to improve their roster for the coming 2023 season. However, let's not forget that there are other teams in the division that need to not do more than the Cubs if Chicago wishes to have a chance to take the NL Central next season. The Milwaukee Brewers being a small market team doesn't worry me quite as much as the St. Louis Cardinals do.

Looking at the Cardinals, it's already unfortunate that Nolan Arenado opted into his contract when, in my opinion, he could have extended his contract by opting out at the very least. This in itself is one thing that is no longer a rumor to happen but still something we can put at the top of things that Cubs fans hate regarding the Cardinals this coming season. If I had to be honest and say that the Cardinals have done a great job of assembling a talented roster, I'd probably lie. Nevertheless, the Cardinals remain a threat in the NL Central as they sit now. Let's take a look at a few rumors that cubs fans can agree that they both love and hate.

Sean Murphy
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#3, Hate it: Sean Murphy winds up in St. Louis

Sean Murphy, aside from Willson Contreras, is the best catcher available this offseason. This time, however, it is a catcher available via trade. The Cardinals are a top-three contending team that needs a catcher this season, so it's no surprise to see Murphy linked to the Cardinals in recent reports. Murphy just came off his best season where he slashed .250/.332/.426 with 18 home runs and 66 driven in. Production like that in the back end of the lineup for a well-defending catcher is something every team wishes it had.

Pretty much, you hope St. Louis strikes out and winds up with someone who is a non-difference maker this year. The Cardinals, however, were ready to go all in for Juan Soto at the trade deadline and put together a package of prospects that just almost got the job done. They certainly are not scared to pull the trigger for the right piece and it just so happens they have six of the top 100 prospects in baseball. Where the Cubs have more flexibility financially, the Cardinals have a deep farm system and more than enough resources prospect-wise available to pull it off.