Cubs fans can count on these 3 players still being around after the trade deadline

For various reasons, Jed Hoyer will have no choice but to hold onto this trio of players on July 30.
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs
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Barring a heater of unprecedented proportions over the next few weeks, the Chicago Cubs are, again, positioned to be sellers at this month's MLB trade deadline. Given how they've played to this point, Jed Hoyer might be smart to sell even if his team shows signs of life because it's shaping up to be a seller's market given the crowded playoff picture.

You can probably argue this roster has one true untouchable in Shota Imanaga. Given the organization's pitching depth, one could even make the case for a Justin Steele trade because the Cubs could get a haul in return for the left-hander. But here are the three guys who you can count on surviving the deadline and calling the North Side home for years to come.

Cubs couldn't trade Dansby Swanson and his massive contract - even if they wanted to

The seagulls that start circling the Wrigley Field bleachers in the late afternoon on gameday aren't the only birds around lately. The boo birds have come calling for shortstop Dansby Swanson, who has taken a step in the wrong direction in the second year of his seven-year, $177 million contract.

Some point to his still-solid defense, but those metrics have also gone in the wrong direction. At the plate, Swanson is mired in a major slump, batting just .150/.236/.263 since June 12, dragging his wRC+ on the year down to what would be a career-low 78. After a stellar first season with the Cubs, he just hasn't lived up to the expectations in 2024.

The Cubs love him for far more than what he does on the field, but they need more out of him over the next five years - period. Hoyer isn't thinking about trading Swanson. After all, he's the face of the franchise playing on the second-largest contract in team history. But even if he wanted to, nobody would touch him with a ten-foot pole right now.