Cubs fans are begging the team for this broadcast change

This Cubs' broadcaster is becoming unlistenable.

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Chicago Cubs radio broadcaster Zach Zaidman was among the early list of candidates to replace Jason Benetti as the television play-by-play voice of the Chicago White Sox.

Zaidman leaving the Cubs' broadcast booth would have been a day filled with celebration.

Zaidman has been the third wheel in the Cubs' radio booth since the 2018 season. While Zaidman has developed chemistry with Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer, Zaidman's chemistry has not crossed over to the listener.

The lack of connection that Zaidman has with the listener and the moment has routinely been on display.

Look no further than Zaidman's call during the Cubs' Spring Training game against the Seattle Mariners on Friday. Matt Shaw, one of the Cubs' top prospects, had an RBI triple. Zaidman tried to recover at the end of the call, but it was clear that he had misjudged the hit.

That wasn't the only time Zaidman failed to live up to the moment on Friday. Later in the game, Shaw hit his first home run of Spring Training. The casual baseball fan could tell immediately from Shaw's swing that he had just hit a home run, but for Zaidman, the awareness did not kick in until the ball was over the fence.

There is, of course, a much larger conversation that needs to be had.

Hopefully, this day is not soon, but there will be a day when Hall of Famer Pat Hughes decides to retire. The vacancy left by Hughes will be one of the biggest openings among baseball broadcast positions.

A change is needed for the Chicago Cubs' radio booth.

The job of a radio broadcaster is to paint the picture for the listener. Zaidman, whether it's the fifth innings he calls during the regular season or Spring Training games on Marquee, always fails at completing that elementary task of a broadcaster.

When the time comes for change within the Cubs' radio booth, Zaidman can not be considered a replacement for Hughes.

One change that the Cubs should make now is replacing Zaidman with Iowa Cubs' play-by-play announcer Alex Cohen. Cohen has been the perfect companion for the viewer during Spring Training games as he can capture the moment while keeping the conversation about the game and players on the field moving forward.

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