Cody Bellinger's return changes the tune of the Chicago Cubs' off-season

The Chicago Cubs checked all the boxes they needed to this offseason. It wasn't as flashy as other teams, but the additions they made will get the job done in 2024 and beyond.

Chicago Cubs Introduce Craig Counsell as Manager
Chicago Cubs Introduce Craig Counsell as Manager / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages
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Michael Busch could finally solve the first base problem

The other main addition on the offensive side of the ball was the Michael Busch trade. Although the Cubs had to give up a top-tier pitching prospect in Jackson Ferris, there is a general assumption that Busch will be the opening day first baseman. This gives the Cubs a clear option for the position for the first time since Anthony Rizzo was traded in 2021.

Busch is still only 26 years old, a top 50 prospect according to some publications, and a legitimate 25+ home run threat. The only thing Busch hasn't been given is consistent playing time since he found himself in a stacked Los Angeles Dodgers organization when he was ready for the majors.

Busch's presence could finally end the at-times comical revolving door of first baseman over the last few seasons. Which included Frank Schwindel, Patrick Wisdom, Trey Mancini, Matt Mervis, and Jared Young.