Chicago Cubs Top Prospects: Midseason Top 30 Chicago Cubs Prospects (#20-11)

The Chicago Cubs have a minor league system that features some top-level talent and is also filled with players that project to be major league contributors.
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The Chicago Cubs have a solid minor league system that features legit star power, high ceiling/low floor guys, and high floor/low ceiling guys. The system isn’t top heavy, it’s deep and there are more than 30 guys that could have made this list, but these are the 30 guys that I believe are:

  1. Most likely to make an impact on the major league squad
  2. Maybe less likely to make the league, but if they do they have legit star power.

Earlier this week we looked at the 30th-21st best prospect in the system and later this week we’ll look at the Top 10 prospects. However, until then, here is the 20th best prospect in the Chicago Cubs minor league system. 

Number 20 

Ezequiel Pagan OF

Age: 22 Years Old

Level: A+ South Bend Cubs

Joined the organization via: 13th Round Pick in 2018 MLB Draft

2023 Stats: .322/.390/.421 3 HR, 10 2B, 7 SB, 20 RBI, 26 R 

Ezequiel Pagan is an ideal fourth outfielder. There are some guys on this list that don’t have the ceilings to be All-Stars or Silver Sluggers, but not everyone needs to be that and when players have that potential the floor can be pretty low as well. Pagan is a high-floor, low-ceiling type player and that has value.

Mike Tauchman is a player that most Cubs fans had never heard of coming into this season. Now, he’s been the jolt that the team has needed and has worked himself into a leadoff role while playing solid outfield defense. Can he be that guy on a playoff/championship caliber team? Probably not. On that team, he’d likely be a fourth outfielder, like Pagan, capable of impacting the game with his bat and solid approach at the plate.

The fact that Pagan hasn’t been promoted despite his hot start so far this season tells me he’s not a realistic option to make it to Wrigley prior to the 2025 season, but he’s still a very usable player when we get to that point.