Chicago Cubs Rumors: Two CF Trade Candidates this winter

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Eddie Rosario
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First trade scenario: Cubs land Eddie Rosario from the Braves

In this scenario, Given Seiya Suzuki's track record in Japan and ability to play multiple positions in the outfield, I'm wondering if the Chicago Cubs would entertain a move of Suzuki to CF while trading for an outfielder to play RF.

Under that scenario, we come to Eddie Rosario. In 2022, Rosario had a pretty abysmal year at the dish. He slashed just .212/.259/.328 in 80 games and 250 ABs. However, Rosario is a guy that from 2017-202, slashed .278/.315/.484 and averaged 30/100 per 162 games played. Trying to make sense of the Braves moving on from him also actually becomes quite easy.

For one, the Braves just traded for outfielder Sam Hilliard from the Colorado Rockies. Secondly, Marcell Ozuna, who is primarily listed as a DH now and can slide into the outfield if the Braves need another option. They also, of course, have Ronald Acuna Jr, Michael Harris II, and Guillermo Heredia.

Where salary isn't much of an issue for the Cubs, Rosario did not play like a guy who should be earning 9.0MM currently and the Braves could be looking to free up salary to make a bigger splash in free agency. Rosario has a club option for 2024, so if he struggles in 2023, the Cubs only have to worry about it for one season. If he hits his stride again, he's at the very least a decent trade chip for 2024.