Chicago Cubs Rumors: Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson being discussed

Oct 11, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner (6) hits a
Oct 11, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner (6) hits a / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While it has become clear that the Chicago Cubs are heavily involved in the free-agent shortstop market as the team has been connected to each of Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, and Dansby Swanson; it has also become clear that the Cubs are likely not going to be the team that sets the market for the free-agent shortstops. It remains to be seen whether or not the Cubs will still be able to land one of the aforementioned shortstops given their ideology on not setting the market but the team certainly will continue to be at the center of the rumors involving all four players.

To that end, ESPN's Jesse Rogers joined MLB Network on Tuesday and provided an update on the Cubs' interest in the free-agent shortstops.

Rogers has been firm on his belief that the Cubs will not be at the top of the market in regard to the contracts that will be offered to the free-agent shortstops. If that is the case, it would seem as if that would take the Cubs out of the running for Correa and Turner. Under that scenario, the hope is that either Bogaerts or Swanson will fall down to the Cubs' desired price.

The latest on the Chicago Cubs' rumored interest in the free-agent shortstops.

To that end, it is interesting that Rogers leans toward Turner and Swanson in regard to where the Cubs' interest in the shortstops is at. With Turner heavily linked to the Philadelphia Phillies and the Braves remaining strong candidates to re-sign Swanson, it had always seemed like the Cubs would be picking from either Correa or Bogaerts in regard to the free-agent shortstop they have the most realistic chance at signing.

In terms of impact on the Cubs, there is no question that Turner would provide similar value to the team that Correa would. One area where Turner would have immediate value over Correa for the Cubs is with his speed. Turner remains one of the fastest players in the game and would be a unique combination of speed and power at the top of the Cubs' lineup. Swanson, while representing an upgrade, would not move the needle as much as Turner or Correa would.

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At the very least, it is encouraging that the Cubs continue to be an integral part of the free-agent shortstop market. Whether or not the Cubs are able to land one of the free-agent shortstops will determine how successful their offseason can be.