Chicago Cubs Rumors: Top three remaining catchers on the board

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Gary Sanchez
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Top 3 remaining targets - 1. Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez is still a viable catcher who appeared in 91 games behind the plate in 2022. Among those games, he recorded 618 putouts and just four errors, giving him a respectable .994 fielding percentage. On top of that, he always hits for power. He possesses a career of .242 ISO. Though he hit just 16 HRs this year, he has topped 30 twice and driven in up to 90 RBIs during his time with the Yankees. Not a hit-for-average type of guy, Sanchez's career slash line sits at .225/.311/.467.

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He is in the same realm of caught-stealing percentage with 28.66%, currently directly behind Willson Contreras among all active leaders in the MLB by less than a fraction of a percent. A bit strangely, Sanchez has always been a reverse splits guy that hits righties better than he hits southpaws with slashes of .208/.315/.459 and .231/.310/.470, respectively. Therefore, it makes sense to platoon Sanchez vs. righties and Gomes against lefties a little bit here. After missing on the two bigger fish, this is the tier of catchers the Cubs will have to settle for. Though they could do far worst, they need not waste time and at least get one of these guys. Options are quickly dwindling.