Chicago Cubs Rumors: The trade deadline has passed, what does free agency look like?

The Chicago Cubs have a good roster of players that are locked up for the 2024 season, but who could they target this winter to put together a dynasty?
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The Chicago Cubs shocked the baseball world by not only refusing to sell at the trade deadline but having the audacity to be buyers of arguably the best hitter available. The Cubs are not giving up, they’re going for it in a relatively big way and I know everyone is excited to see how the rest of the season is going to play out (hopefully with a playoff berth). 

That being said, this team is built for the present and the future, and as exciting as the present is, I can’t help but dream about the future. This team is stellar. It’s so stellar in fact that I wrote a piece yesterday stating that this team has the exact kind of skillset to make a deep playoff run. But in the words of Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984: It could be better.

This article is going to try to focus on areas of perceived need for the Cubs. We aren’t going to talk about a shortstop that could be a match, because Dansby Swanson has given us $177 million reasons not to focus on that position. There are a couple of targets that you’ll have to squint to see as a fit, but at the end of the day, if the Cubs are able to keep the current roster intact and add even one or two of the guys on this list, they’re legitimate World Series contenders.