Chicago Cubs Rumors: Team rightfully has no interest in Marcus Stroman contract extension

The Chicago Cubs appear to be remaining firm in their stance regarding a long-term contract extension for starting pitcher Marcus Stroman.
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Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer has once again proven why he is in his position while fans can only run a baseball team through MLB The Show.

During the first half of the 2023 Major League Baseball season, Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman wasn't just pitching far ahead of his career averages, he was well on his way to getting National League Cy Young consideration if the Cubs would be able to return to contention. That had money fans willing to pony up their 401K contributions in an effort to keep Stroman in Chicago.

The Cubs have indeed returned to contention but Stroman has seen the expected regression to the mean.

Stroman's season is likely over after suffering a rib fracture and his ERA on the year sits at 3.82 in 23 starts. No, Stroman is not as bad as his 9.00 ERA since June 25 would indicate but the pitcher that he was during the first half of the season shouldn't be the expectation moving forward either.

That would be the reason why Hoyer played his cards exactly how he should have with Stroman up until this point. That also is the reason it should be no surprise to see from Bob Nightengale of The USA Today that the Cubs continue to have no interest in a long-term deal with Stroman.

"The Chicago Cubs say they have no intention to offer starter Marcus Stroman a contract extension after the season, and now wonder if Stroman will opt out of his contract, after all. He is sidelined with fractured cartilage in his right rib cage and may not return this season. He is owed $21 million in 2024 in the final year of his three-year, $71 million contract. "

The USA Today

The Cubs signing Stroman to a long-term extension at this point would be a terrible baseball decision. Given the regression and injury, there is a very likely chance that Stroman will exercise his player option and return to the team in 2024 at the $21MM price point. That would be a fine scenario for the Cubs as it will provide them with more stability in their starting rotation but also not hinder the possibility of a larger swing in free agency.

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