Chicago Cubs Rumors: Reflecting on the price the Cubs should have paid for Juan Soto

When faced with the opportunity to trade a handful of prospects for one single all-star, the answer is almost always a definitive yes.
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Would it have been worth it for the Cubs to do that deal?


I legitimately hesitate to write anything else on the subject, but yes. Unequivocally and absolutely yes.

Juan Soto is slashing .319/.422/.605 with 17 homers.

He is the offense that the Cubs are lacking and he’s only 25 years old. He’s the kind of player that the franchise could build around regardless of what his contract demands are after the season and all it would cost the Cubs is one great prospect, a good swingman, a couple of depth bullpen pieces and a backup catcher.

Don’t confuse quantity with quality. The Cubs needed and still need star-power and a deal like that would have absolutely provided it.