Chicago Cubs Rumors: Ranking the top 10 remaining FA position players

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Andrew Benintendi
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Ranking the remaining top 10 - 3. Andrew Benintendi

Andrew Benintendi is an option coming off a career year between Kansas City and the New York Yankees. An on-base machine, Benintendi slashed .304/.373/.399 this season, and where he lacked in power, he made up for in walks with 52 and only 77 punchouts. The problem for Benintendi and the Cubs is 1) the Cubs just signed Bellinger to a one-year deal to spend most of his games in center field and 2) Ian Happ's future with the Cubs is still a question mark. If we already knew Happ was not getting extended, Benintendi is a clear fit for the Cubs moving forward and they probably would have avoided Bellinger altogether.

As we know, the Bellinger signing was to bridge the gap and give Brennen Davis and Alexander Canario time to heal and get back into form. Benintendi now only becomes a fit in the worst-case scenario that neither top prospect returns to form. That, or if they think Ian Happ will be moved or not extended this winter, is the only way Benintendi makes sense for the Cubs. Given that they have already signed Bellinger and have been open to wanting to have extension talks, I'm going to put my money on no regarding Benintendi to the Cubs.