Chicago Cubs Rumors: Ranking the top 10 remaining FA position players

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Ranking the remaining top 10 - 7. Trey Mancini

After Missing on Jose Abreu and Josh Bell, Trey Mancini becomes one of the more viable options to platoon at first base. Mancini had a terrible outing once he was traded to Houston from Baltimore, where he formerly spent the duration of his tenure as a big-league player. Before the 2022 campaign, however, Mancini had slashed a career of .271/.333/.472. Here's a fun stat I like about Mancini: his splits are almost identical. He owns a career .266 average against southpaws with a .193 ISO and 112 wRC+. Against righties? a .265 average, .192 ISO, and 111 wRC+. Doesn't get much more neutral than that.

We know the Cubs have already shown interest in Mancini. He is a solid backup plan to missing on Abreu on a 1-2 year deal. Hopefully, you can help Mancini unlock whatever went wrong for him in Houston. He has been an above-average player for the duration of his career. For what It's worth, when no shift has been implemented against him, he owns a career batting average of .310 in 1,551 career ABs. Landing Mancini is a solid option to plug into the second half of your lineup.