Chicago Cubs Rumors: Ranking the top 10 remaining FA position players

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Carlos Correa
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Ranking the remaining top 10 - 1. Carlos Correa

Last but not least, the elephant in the room. Carlos Correa. Clearly the top remaining free agent on the board, Correa will command both years and prices that may put the Cubs out of contention to acquire his services. After the San Diego Padres signed Xander Bogaerts an unforeseen 11-year/280.0MM contract, Correa will now have the power to argue that he is even more valuable and thus, command an even bigger contract than both Trea Turner and Bogaerts.

The facts are: The Cubs need a superstar. The market is what it is now, and you're not going to get around it if you want to be competitive moving forward. All teams have to deal with it. If you must sign somebody to one of these deals, go all in on Correa to help lead you to the promised land. Personally, yes, I go for it. I know it hinders the Cubs down the road in 7-8 years when Correa begins to decline, but I'd rather spend money and lose than not spend money and sit out of contention in 2023. The question is: do you want to hinder yourself down the road with a contract such as this? If not, the alternative is likely hindering you now when you're supposed to begin competing. The ball is in Jed's court with this one.