Chicago Cubs Rumors: MLB insider predicts blockbuster trade

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Over the past couple of weeks, the belief that Rafael Devers will be signing a contract extension with the Boston Red Sox has begun to diminish and that has led to speculation that he may be traded to a team like the Chicago Cubs. When a word such as "galaxies" is used to describe how far apart the two sides are, reality begins to set in that, like so many Red Sox players before him, Devers could be finding a new home this season.

How imperative it is to Red Sox executive Chaim Bloom that a new deal gets inked any time soon remains to be seen, but rest assured, it sounds eerily familiar to how contract negotiations started between the Cubs' front office and their former core in 2021.

Would the Red Sox entertain moving on from their superstar? The same question was asked regarding a plethora of talent that recently left Beantown. So, what does this mean for Devers and the Cubs?

For one, the fit between the Cubs and Devers is too perfect not to draw attention to a team forthrightly looking to compete. The Cubs need a lefty power hitter in the middle of their lineup, and they also desperately need an upgrade at third base.

It may line up perfectly that the Cubs, talent-wise, find themselves ready to put together a trade package by the deadline if they are in contention. If that is the case, will it coincide with when Devers is made available, assuming he is dealt? CBS Sports' Matt Snyder boldly predicts the Cubs to land Devers via trade but also extend him as well.

Glancing over his words, Snyder agrees that the Cubs will need more time to be ready to pull the trigger on a blockbuster deal as soon as this offseason, but if the team is near contention this summer, the front office might be more willing to land their guy.