Chicago Cubs Rumors: MLB Exec believes team should sell at MLB Trade Deadline

ESPN recently surveyed a MLB executive in regard to what bubble teams should do at the MLB Trade Deadline and the Chicago Cubs were determined as sellers.
Boston Red Sox v Chicago Cubs
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Monday kicked off an important stretch of 13 games that likely would determine the Chicago Cubs' fate at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline.

That would be the reason why the team's loss to the Nationals on Monday night was deflating. The Cubs have now lost three out of their first four games coming out of the All-Star break and enter play on Tuesday on the brink of becoming sellers at the deadline if the decision has not been made already.

The Cubs are currently 8.5 games out of first place in the National League Central division and their play on Monday seemed to be more confirmation that the likes of starting pitcher Marcus Stroman and center fielder Cody Bellinger will be moved by August 1.

ESPN's Jesse Rogers recently polled an MLB executive regarding what the bubble teams like the Cubs should do at the deadline and it is no surprise that selling was the verdict.

"Record: 43-50

Postseason odds: 20.5%

Verdict: Deal away vets

Available: Starting pitching, left-handed bat"

Jesse Roger via ESPN

There is plenty to be upset with in regard to the decisions that the Cubs' front office has made that have led to this point. But, what should be emphasized is that the team's front office is not waking up today with the excitement of knowing that they will be sellers at the deadline.

The reason to be critical of Jed Hoyer is while he did want the team to buy at the deadline, he chose to roster a team that lives on the margins despite knowing what their shortcomings were. Jed Hoyer stated last August and October that the Cubs lacked power and the ability to blow teams out. Despite knowing that flaw, the team did not address their need for a legitimate power hitter or power pitcher.

That is why the Cubs are at the point in the season where the inefficiencies are the reason why they should be selling at the deadline.

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