Chicago Cubs Rumors: Mason Miller is not the only player of interest in Oakland

The Chicago Cubs didn't sell at the 2023 trade deadline and that was considered aggressive. In 2024 the Cubs need to step up that aggression and buy early.
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The Chicago Cubs may have just had a bit of the elixir they needed to turn the season around in the form of a come-from-behind win against the cross-town rival Chicago White Sox, but there’s still plenty of room for growth in the bullpen and the lineup.

There are a myriad of trade targets out there with some more likely than others considering how many teams still find themselves in the hunt for a wild card spot this early in the season, but there’s one team that would allow the Cubs to do a little one-stop shopping and not have to wait until that team fell out of contention.

The Oakland A’s are the ideal trade partner for the Cubs right now.

There has been plenty of discussion over fireballing reliever Mason Miller when it comes to the A’s. Will he be made available? If he’s made available, would the package it requires to pull his five years of control from such an impoverished franchise be too costly to stomach? 

Regardless of your thoughts on Miller, the A’s have two targets that will come with a drastically lower price point and could provide help where the Cubs need it most.