Chicago Cubs Rumors: Local insider offers predictions for year ahead

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Chicago Cubs add an impact bat

The last of Sharma's predictions that we are taking a look at is the idea of the Cubs adding an impact bat in 2023. The current shortcoming of the Cubs' current starting lineup is that the team lacks an elite hitter. Barring an unexpected trade this offseason, it stands to reason that the Cubs will enter the season with the need for an impact bat. Once the Cubs find that impact bat, then the path to the team returning to contention becomes more clear.

It's possible that path includes Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers. Rewinding back to the offseason after 2014, the Cubs sold free-agent starting pitcher Jon Lester on their plan to return to winning at the Major League level. Included in the Cubs' recruitment of Lester was a projection that included Jason Heyward as the team's starting right fielder. At the time, Heyward was one season away from reaching free agency.

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Fast forwarding to last week when Swanson was introduced by the Cubs, he spoke glowingly about the Cubs' plan to win at the Major League level. It's possible that plan included a projection of Devers as the team's third baseman for the long-term.