Chicago Cubs rumors: Juan Soto not completely out of the mix

Per the latest reports from ESPN insider Jesse Rogers, the Chicago Cubs getting back into the Juan Soto mix might not be impossible.

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A day filled with rumors, speculations, and even some drama surrounding the potential destination of Shohei Ohtani had a few other interesting reports sprinkled in. This includes Padres star Juan Soto, who is believed to be on the trade block this offseason. Soto had been linked to the Chicago Cubs as a possible trade destination in numerous talks, but recent reports seemed to point to them not being involved.

However, ESPN's Jesse Rogers spoke on the Waddle and Silvy show on ESPN 1000 and said that he, "[W]ouldn't completely discount Soto, I put him back in the mix." This is assuming Ohtani does not land in Chicago. Rogers had previously said the Cubs would not be involved but has reevaluated his initial thoughts.

Take this comment at face value, it is not an in-depth rumor of how the Cubs are planning on pursuing the 25-year-old outfielder, but simply stating that the Cubs cannot be ruled out from trying at some point. It is worth noting that Carter Hawkins has stated publicly that they are looking to be "very active" in the trade market. This can mean any position or type of player.

Most recent trade rumors with the Cubs have involved Rays starter Tyler Glasnow, Guardians starter Shane Bieber, and closer Emmanuel Clase. While nothing is close to being certain, it seems like Glasnow seems to be a target the Cubs are serious about, but time will tell if anything comes together.

While it seems still very unlikely the Cubs make a move for Soto, combine the Rogers opinion with the unexpected hiring of Craig Counsell and never say never until it's official. The Cubs have a deep farm system and have assets to make big trades, but it will depend on what other deals the Cubs make, even if they miss out on Ohtani. Don't count on it but don't fully rule it out.

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