Chicago Cubs Rumors: Jose Abreu makes financial sense

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Today is officially the day that free agency opens in Major League Baseball and the Chicago Cubs are expected to be active. One of the most exciting times of the year as fans get to experience the immense joy that comes with landing a top player. For Cubs fans, that joy may soon be realized in the coming days, weeks, and months leading up to the 2023 campaign. Landing a couple of top names on the wish list for the Cubs is absolutely paramount this winter if they wish to compete for the postseason. The most facile way to accomplish this is by showing those top-dollar free agents they are serious about competing as soon as next year. Enter Jose Abreu.

It's no secret the Cubs have been linked to Abreu. Logistically, Abreu makes sense from a platooning standpoint with Matt Mervis being on the cusp of the Major Leagues. Now, with new contract projections by Fangraphs, it makes sense from a financial aspect. At just a two-year contract projection for Abreu, he fits the motto perfectly of "spending intelligently" as he helps the Cubs now but does not cripple them financially for years to come.

Though Abreu was never thought to land a very lengthy deal, given the fact that he'll be entering his age 36 season, it is refreshing to see in writing that a two-year deal is more than likely what he'll land.

Abreu has been in Chicago for years and wouldn't have to move in the event that he signed with the Cubs. In addition, The Cubs have the financial resources to outbid pretty much everybody on a short-term deal.

Jose Abreu's projected contract is the exact deal the Chicago Cubs need to complete.

Not only could the Cubs use a slugger like Abreu, but it's also this slugger specifically that could be exceptionally beneficial. In 81 at-bats at Wrigley Field, Abreu has a career slash of .309/.367/.642 with 8 home runs and 16 driven in over the course of 21 games. Adjust those numbers over the course of 81 home games per season and Abreu could put up monster stats.

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A two-year deal is perfect for the Cubs. By the time the contract expires, Mervis will have fully transitioned to the Major League level. The Cubs landing Jose Abreu is truly a two-fold need in the sense that it fills a vital role for the Cubs right now while also showing the star-free agents that they are serious about competing. The Cubs absolutely have to land a player like Abreu to show their commitment to winning if they expect the free-agent floodgates to open in their favor.