Chicago Cubs Rumors: 3 corresponding moves if Eric Hosmer signs

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3 corresponding moves: Jed stacks up the bullpen

If the Cubs land Hosmer, perhaps they are done adding offense and roll with what they have for 2023. Instead, the focus shifts to the bullpen, where quite a few solid options are floating around. There's still enough talent in free agency to give the Cubs the better bullpens in the MLB. Notably, the Cubs need a veteran lefty in the back of the bullpen. Fortunately, Andrew Chafin, Brad Hand, and Will Smith are out there. Alex Young, who posted a 2.36 ERA in 26.2 IP this season with San Francisco and Cleveland, could also be a solid addition.

The Cubs' bullpen this year may already be an area of strength, especially with all the starting pitching depth that will act as bulk options. With saving money on Hosmer, adding in a couple more arms may be just what the Cubs need to project themselves further up the standings as much as possible. It's no secret pitching wins championships, and a strong bullpen is in desperate need once you get to playing baseball in November. If the Cubs decide to save around $10.0MM for the trade deadline if they are in contention, they can afford an arm or two in the bullpen.