Chicago Cubs Rain Delay: Dodgers fuming after fourth inning confusion

The Chicago Cubs are in a rain delay against the Los Angeles Dodgers but not without some controversy.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Shota Imanaga was looking dominant in the second start of his Major League Baseball career.

After tossing six shutout innings against the Colorado Rockies on Monday, Imanaga continued his scoreless streak on Sunday by holding the Los Angeles Dodgers without a run during the first four innings of the game.

The Cubs jumped out to a 6-0 lead but not before controversy stirred during the bottom of the fourth inning.

Rain has been prevalent in the Chicagoland area throughout the day on Sunday and rather than call a rain delay in the bottom of the fourth inning, the umpiring crew paused play to allow the Wrigley Field grounds crew 15 minutes to treat the infield.

Play resumed and on the consequent play, a throwing error by Miguel Rojas on a ground ball hit by Cody Bellinger plated the Cubs' sixth run of the game. After the play, the game officially entered a rain delay.

The Los Angeles Dodgers rightfully should be upset with the latest Chicago Cubs rain delay.

We're never going to be one to complain about the Cubs taking advantage of the elements but this is a situation where the Dodgers are right to be upset with how the bottom of the fourth inning was playing out.

There is no reason why the game should have not gone until an official rain delay prior to Bellinger's at-bat. That is likely what Dodgers' manager Dave Roberts was telling the umpires during the pause in play while the infield was being treated. As the game was entering the rain delay, Rojas was also seen arguing with the umpire crew.

Craig Counsell is finally on the right side of weather incidents at Wrigley Fields. Prior to Counsell becoming the Cubs' manager, he had some harsh criticism for how rain delays are handled at Wrigley Field.

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