Chicago Cubs Prospects of the Week: Ben Brown and Rafael Morel give a glimpse of the future

It was a great week for some players down on the farm. The pitchers limited the walks and the hitters hit for average and power (for the most part). There's a good mix of star power and depth pieces in this week's list so let's dive right into it!
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Chicago Cubs A Hitter of the Week: IF/OF Rafael Morel (21 Years Old)

.400/.526/.667 1 2B, 1 HR, 5 R, 4 RBI, 1-1 SB

Christopher Morel is the most fun player the Cubs have had since Javier Baez. I say that as an unapologetic Baez superfan and even though there will only ever be one El Mago, Morel’s exuberance and infectious smile are impossible not to cheer for. On the field, one of the best things about Morel is that he plays many positions (though some, are not extremely well), and he is a true power/speed threat.

His younger brother Rafael is similar in just about every way. He has the same infectious smile, and as we pour over the stats from the previous day’s games it’s always interesting to see where Myrtle Beach lined Morel up defensively because he’s everywhere.

He’s still growing into his power as he only has three homers so far this season, but he’s aggressive on the basepaths and this week he managed to keep the strikeouts to a minimum. If he can continue to mature physically and as a hitter then there may be multiple Morel’s in the friendly confines sooner rather than later.