Chicago Cubs Prospects of the Week: Ben Brown and Rafael Morel give a glimpse of the future

It was a great week for some players down on the farm. The pitchers limited the walks and the hitters hit for average and power (for the most part). There's a good mix of star power and depth pieces in this week's list so let's dive right into it!
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Chicago Cubs AA Hitter of the Week: SS Luis Vazquez (23 Years Old)

.280/.321/.640 3 2B, 2 HR, 3 R, 10 RBI

Vazquez had a great double-header on Saturday and essentially put up a week’s worth of stats in a day. He’s an interesting piece because he’s not the immediate answer to the middle-infield question like Dansby Swanson or Nico Hoerner. He’s not the future answer like Ed Howard or Crisitan Hernandez. 

But as we pointed out with Jared Young, not every player has to be great every day to be a part of a great team. 

Teams that have success in this league have the depth that they don’t have to trade for. The Chris Taylors of the world have helped the Dodgers have a tremendous amount of prolonged success because when they make a deal at the deadline it’s for a difference-maker rather than depth. While some teams are trading for a utility bat with some speed or a left-handed reliever, the Dodgers are trading for Manny Machado, or Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. 

In order to make those massive splashes, the Cubs have to have the depth to avoid the need for those smaller deadline deals and guys like Vazquez can provide that.