Chicago Cubs Prospects of the Week: Ben Brown and Rafael Morel give a glimpse of the future

It was a great week for some players down on the farm. The pitchers limited the walks and the hitters hit for average and power (for the most part). There's a good mix of star power and depth pieces in this week's list so let's dive right into it!
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Chicago Cubs AAA Hitter of the Week: 1B Jared Young (27 Years Old)

.438/.526/1.063 1 2B, 3 HR, 6 R, 8 RBI

Young is one of our first players to go back to back for prospect of the week. Last week we said:

Jared Young is not young by prospect standards. He’s not beating down the door to demand a call-up like Nick Madrigal did this week. But he is a solid depth piece to allow the Cubs to make roster decisions that won’t require money to be spent on the position.

The moral of the story, Jared Young may not be the answer but he is an answer and a relatively solid one in the form of AAA Iowa depth. 

Well, with Matt Mervis demoted and Cody Bellinger potentially making a move at the deadline, it’s no longer out of the realm of possibility that Young gets a shot at some major league at-bats. If I’d told you a month ago that a 32-year-old that hadn’t batted above .250 since before COVID would be a fan favorite in center field, you’d have laughed me out the door, but if Jared Young could get on that Mike Tauchman path he’s got a legit shot to get to Wrigley after the deadline.