Chicago Cubs Prospects: Mid-Season Top 30 Chicago Cubs Prospects (#30-21)

The Chicago Cubs have a minor league system that features some top-level talent and is also filled with players that project to be major league contributors.
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Number 24

Nazier Mule RHP/SS

Age: 18 Years Old

Level: N/A

Joined the organization via: 4th Round Pick in 2022 MLB Draft

2023 Stats: N/A

This would have been a really fun guy to see this season and may have been ranked as high if not higher than Jackson Ferris on this list if he’d gotten to play baseball this year. Unfortunately, the dominant two-way prep star required Tommy John Surgery prior to the start of the season and likely won’t return until midway through next year.

How does an 18-year-old make the top-25 prospect list for a solid organization if he hasn’t played an inning of baseball there? He has the skillset that Mule did prior to the 2022 draft when he was hitting 100 MPH on the mound and showing the athleticism to stick at shortstop and the pop and speed to be an impact player at the plate as well. 

I’m not saying he’s Shohei Ohtani. But I’m also not not saying it. We’ll find out next year.