Chicago Cubs prospects are the perfect candidates for new MLB All-Star weekend event

The Home Run Derby is the only part of the All-Star Weekend that is palatable, but even that is a little one-note; the new Futures Skills Showcase aims to change that.
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The minor leagues appear to be where the real fun is had in baseball these days. Even if you exclude things like the Savannah Bananas and the glow-in-the-dark baseball game the Tri-City Chili Peppers just played, you’ll still find that all of the meaningful evolution of America’s pastime is happening at the lower levels rather than the minors.

Robo-Umps and the ability to challenge balls and strikes is being tested in Triple-A. Pre-tacked baseballs are being used in Double-A games. Even recent rule changes at the MLB level such as the ghost runner in extra innings and the pitch clock began at the lower levels.

Hopefully the next thing that we see get adopted at the highest level is what the Minor Leagues are rolling out on All-Star Saturday on July 13th at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Rather than focusing on how many homers a player can hit in X number of at-bats or in X amount of time, there will be three rounds that all consist of different goals.

The Cubs have the perfect candidates for newest MLB Prospect Showcase.

In round one, they will have targets placed in the outfield and the infield and competitors will earn points when they hit one of those targets. There will also be a bullseye that players can attempt to roll the ball onto with a bunt for points as well.

In round two, the competitors will call their shot and have to hit the ball into either left, right, or center field. Once they’ve hit it into all three fields, they can pick whichever field they want for the remainder of their at-bats.

For each of the first two rounds, Cubs' infield prospect James Triantos would be the perfect candidate to participate as many view Triantos as one of the best pure-hitting prospects in all of baseball.

Finally, round three is the traditional Home Run Derby with a couple of twists. Batters will earn bonuses for homers hit to the opposite field as well as if they connect on homers in consecutive at-bats. This round has Owen Caissie's name all over it if selected, as Caissie has the best raw power of any prospect in the Cubs farm system.

The old Home Run Derby was fun, but much like the sound of Chris Berman yelling “back back back,” it has gotten old, stale, and a little sad, This new format could be exactly what players and fans want moving forward.