Chicago Cubs Prospects: 2023 MLB draft class fully signed, where will the players go?

The Chicago Cubs managed to sign all of their 2023 draft picks, now we just need to figure out where these players will start their professional careers.
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6th Round

Alfonsin Rosario OF P27 Academy

Slot Value: $325,600

Signing Bonus: $325,600

Total Bonus Pool O/U: -$144,400

Rosario signing for his slot value despite his size and toolset is huge. He’s a toolsy prep outfielder and those guys don’t tend to move quickly though so I see him spending time in Rookie Ball for the rest of the year and potentially starting next season before moving up to Low-A Myrtle Beach later next season. He’s going to be a project for sure. 

7th Round

Yahil Melendez SS B You Academy

Slot Value: $254,500

Signing Bonus: $400,000 (Overslot)

Total Bonus Pool O/U: -$289,900

Melendez didn’t sign at the slot value, and in fact, was one of the more overslot players the Cubs signed. That being said, from a tools/projection/age perspective he’s on a trajectory similar to Rosario in that I doubt he makes a debut in a full-season ball until next year and will likely spend the entire season in Low-A. Even before adding two college middle-infielders in this draft the opportunity for playtime at those positions was going to be limited, so slow-playing Melendez will be the wise choice. 

8th Round

Brett Bateman OF Minnesota

Slot Value: $203,600

Signing Bonus: $180,000 (Underslot)

Total Bonus Pool O/U: -$266,300

Bateman is interesting because the glove and speed are good enough to move quickly, but the bat just isn’t there in a meaningful way. He’ll end this season in Rookie ball and I’m sure the Cubs will look to modify his launch angle slightly to get some extra bases out of his bat. I could see that process taking some time before making his debut at full-season ball where he’ll spend the majority of next season in Myrtle Beach despite being old for the level.

9th Round

Jonathan Long 1B Long Beach State

Slot Value: $179,400

Signing Bonus: $179,400

Total Bonus Pool O/U: -$266,300

First basemen move through systems quicker than most. The defensive side of the position is not as demanding as many other positions on the diamond and the bat is usually good enough to put up eye-popping numbers that make teams want to get the bat into the lineup as soon as possible. Long could move quickly and move alongside Shaw and Rivera because the bat is pretty advanced. I’d expect him to end this season at Myrtle Beach and potentially open next season at South Bend. 

10th Round

Luis Martinez-Gomez RHP Temple College

Slot Value: $168,300

Signing Bonus: $100,000 (Underslot)

Total Bonus Pool O/U: -$198,000

This is the last of the money that the Cubs can reallocate. Any money saved on the $150,000 signing bonus allotment in rounds 11-20 can not be utilized to sign other players, however, any over-slot signings do count against the bonus pool.

Martinez-Gomez will start at Rookie ball and likely spend next season between Myrtle Beach and South Bend.