Chicago Cubs Prospects: 2023 MLB draft class fully signed, where will the players go?

The Chicago Cubs managed to sign all of their 2023 draft picks, now we just need to figure out where these players will start their professional careers.
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Earlier this week we posted an article stating that the Chicago Cubs only had two players from their 2023 draft class that remained unsigned. Since that time the Cubs have signed both of those players and their draft class is now completely signed and does not have anyone that will return to school.

We’ve done deep dives on:

The picks the Cubs made in rounds 1-5 

The picks the Cubs made in rounds 6-10

The picks the Cubs made in rounds 11-20

And the consequences of not signing the complete draft class

For this piece, we’ll look at not only what each player signed for, but their most likely destination to begin their journey with the Cubs. All of the signing bonus information we are using comes from so make sure to give them the click as well.

Based on the bonus slot rules, the Cubs had a bonus pool available of $8,962,000. They could also then spend $150,000 per pick on picks 11-20, meaning they could spend a total of $10,462,000 on their 20 draft picks. 

The Cubs went $448,000 over their allotted pool which will come with a 75% tax on the overage dollars meaning they’ll be fined $336,000. They also spent $1,285,000 on their 11th-20th pick meaning that the total cost for the 20 players they added in the draft was $11,031,000. To put that into perspective, the Twins signed Joey Gallo to a one-year contract worth $11 million and the Cubs just got six years of cost-control for 20 players at the same price.