Chicago Cubs PBP announcer Jon Sciambi gets some love for post-season call

While the Chicago Cubs are not in the post-season, their television voice, Jon Sciambi has been on the call for ESPN and has been doing a great job.

Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals
Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs just missed the 2023 Major League Baseball post-season but fans of the team are hearing a familiar voice if they use ESPN as their platform to watch games as Cubs' television play=by-play announcer Jon "Boog" Sciambi has been on the call along with Doug Glanville.

Boog and Glanville were on the radio for the Philadelphia Phillies' victory over the Atlanta Braves in the National League Divisional Series and will be on the call for the National League Championship series between the Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Awful Announcing recently ranked the post-season pairings for broadcast and Boog and Glanville were second only to Brian Anderson and Jeff Francouer of TBS.

"2. Jon Sciambi & Doug Glanville (ESPN) – 2.84
Most popular grade: B (47.13% of votes)

Breakdown: I’ve long been a fan of Jon Sciambi (which really isn’t a bold position, I admit), and his pairing with Doug Glanville in Milwaukee was great. The pairing also called the Division Series matchup between the Phillies and Braves and will call the NLCS, and they’re probably the cream of the crop of ESPN’s MLB broadcast teams."

Awful Announcing

With Boog and Glanvillie being key contributors to the Cubs' television broadcasts on the Marquee Sports Networks throughout the regular season, it should be re-assuring to Cubs fans that they routinely hear two of the top voices in all of Major League Baseball.

Boog took over for Len Kasper as the Cubs' television play-by-play announcer after the 2020 season and the biggest critique that fans have had is that he is not Kasper. Kasper opted to join the White Sox's radio booth in an effort to get closer to accomplishing his lifelong dream of calling a World Series.

Many Cubs fans have been misguided in their critique of Boog. Taking nothing away from Kasper but Boog and his style of broadcasting is a tutorial on how to bring baseball into modern times. It shouldn't be a broadcast where the announced is talking to the viewer but rather, talking with them. The idea of having a "homer" broadcast is a dated concept and Boog does hit on the key moments when need be.

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