Chicago Cubs now bolster league-best 7 top 100 prospects

After a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday morning, the Chicago Cubs now own a league-best seven top 100 prospects.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

After the Chicago Cubs completed a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers that sent power-hitting Michael Busch to the north side, the Cubs now own a league-leading seven top 100 prospects, according to MLB Pipeline. Let's have a refresher on who appears on the coveted list:

  • Pete Crow-Armstrong (#12)
  • Cade Horton (#29)
  • Michael Busch (#44)
  • Owen Caissie (#64)
  • Kevin Alcantara (#71)
  • Ben Brown (#86)
  • Matt Shaw (#96)

In 2024, it's more than likely that at least Crow-Armstrong and Busch will graduate and lose prospect status, but there are also more Cubs prospects on the way who could slide onto the top 100 list. Moises Ballesteros slashed .285/.374/.449 across three levels, and James Triantos hit a respectable .287/.364/.391 in 2023. Both candidates can move up the leaderboards as more and more current prospects come off the list as long as they continue to excel.

The Cubs' farm is so deep that the top 100 guys are nowhere near the only good players within the minor leagues. We've already seen small samples of how much talent Jordan Wicks, Alexander Canario, and Luke Little have at the major league level. Wicks looked great to start his career as a Cub, and he's still only the #10 prospect within the organization.

Youngster shortstop Jefferson Rojas and RHP Michael Rojas are two others you should watch. Elsewhere, Cubs prospect Haydn McGeary just drove in 88 RBIs in 2023, and he's only #17 on the Cubs' list.

Since the trade deadline in 2021, it took Jed Hoyer 2.5 years to rebuild the entire organization from the ground up. 2024 appears to be the year that the competitive playoff window will fly back open. As Hoyer begins to add talent to the major league roster this winter, it's good to know that waves of prospects will supplement the team for years to come. This time, they built it right. The future is very bright for Chicago Cubs baseball.

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