Chicago Cubs News: Why the Cubs drafted SS Matt Shaw over a pitcher in the 1st round

The Chicago Cubs drafted the best player available in the first round that should be able to help them much sooner than later.
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The Cubs had been linked to a myriad of players leading up to the draft, but their decision was made for them when Rhett Lowder went off the board to Cincinnati, Chase Dollander went to Colorado, and Noble Meyer went to Miami. 

You have to draft the best player available, even if the previous ten drafts point to the fact that the best player is always the college player, and beyond that it’s almost always the college hitter. In the case of this pick, the best player available for the Cubs happened to be Matt Shaw, a shortstop with defensive flexibility and the arm to play third base.

The Cubs system has plenty of pitchers and it’s got plenty of young talent to wait for. Matt Shaw is a pick that says that the Cubs don’t want to wait an extended period of time. Their window of contention opens now and they want it to stay open for the foreseeable future.

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